mp sharbati atta

What is MP Sharbati Wheat and why it is our specialty?

Sharbati wheat Sharbati wheat very very tasty tasty….well on a serious note MP sharbati wheat is a regional variety of atta, derived from the wheat grown in the Sehore and Vidisha regions of MP that is why it is known as ‘MP Sharbati’…..Read more

atta chakki

Chakki Atta Vs Packaged Atta

The end result is what matters whatever the way you choose….well its true for your academic marks but not about atta, the process is everything and result is entirely different depending on it. In our childhood have experienced a visit to a local chakki where our parents or grandparents would agitate over combinations & the kind of preferred grinds that they wanted….Read more

chakki the mill

“Fresh Chakki Atta” a marketing scheme

Nowadays its a scheme like ‘21 din mei paisa double‘ type by framing fresh chakki atta to lure customers to their shops/store but how fresh is their atta? or do they grind their atta by chakki or what?…Read more

carbs whole wheat

Guilt Free Carbs for Fitness Freak

It is important to differentiate between good and bad carbs. And fortunately, it is not as complex as it may seem. Crabs are not just found in wheat and rice but in most of the food we eat such as vegetables,….Read more



Why to focus on oil types, aren’t they all same?

No they are not….In matters of health everything is important specially nowadays when you dont get fresh when every product is labelled ‘fresh’ we will talk about this in another blog. In this blog we will talk about edible oils which we use in cooking daily and their types, but first we will go through old boring definition to understand what it is….Read more

the mill oil expeller

Why Choose cold pressed oils than rest is like why choose BMW over Baleno

If one doesn’t have concern over mileage then there is no way to choose baleno over BMW, same is with our oil. You will have better health by choosing cold pressed oil just like you have better ride quality in bmw, but there is not much price difference in cold pressed oils and refined oils than we chose in our example, but if you have concern over price only then you can save your time by not reading this article….Read more

The Mill edible oils

Which oil and when to use so confuse

Lots of people are doing much more cooking at home these days, but are still relying on the same cooking oils to get the job done, like butter, mustard oil, olive oil, and others. Those are marvelous oils, of course, and very versatile in the kitchen. But why limit yourself?….Read more


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