The end result is what matters whatever the way you choose….well its true for your academic career but not about atta, the process is everything and result is entirely different depending on it. We should be conscious of what we consume, especially now a days where everything is on sale even our health it’s time we should acknowledge that in matters of nutritional rich foods ours ancestors were right. In our childhood have experienced a visit to a local chakki where our parents or grandparents would agitate over combinations & the kind of preferred grinds that they wanted. 

Over a period of time with rapid urbanization, this concept has slowly been diminished in old baazars as well as existing villages. Most urbanites do not have time to make a trip to village or some shady shop with of course hygiene challenges and dubious raw grains. 

biggest difference between atta and whole wheat flour is the way it’s milled: it’s technically a packaged flour, but it’s finer and behaves a little differently in breads.

Atta is stone ground to a very fine flour in a “plate/disk mill” called a chakki. We use stone ground chakki

Stone-ground flours are thought to be more nutritionally sound because they contain the germ and bran. Incidentally, these are the parts that hold a lot of flavor, too. Stone mill wheels grind grain more gently, at a lower temperature than the big industrial mills called roller mills. Temperature’s important, because high temperatures can destroy key nutrients in grains.

Stone-ground wheat retains more vitamins and minerals because the grain components stay together during processing.

Health Benefits of stone ground chakki atta.

The stones used stay cold, unlike industrial mills that effectively burn some important nutrients in the milling process. Wheat germ contains high levels of vitamin E, which has been suggested as a cure for many diseases. The nutritional value of stoneground flour is high, as digestibility is increased through this process. Health benefits of eating this flour include lowered cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Stone-ground wheat flour generally contains more vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber than milled whole wheat flour because it retains a higher percentage of bran and germ.

Multigrain atta

It is our researched wheat which we made from our mp sharbati atta with quality amount of grains, seeds and millets which enhances taste and health methodically without compromising on nutrition which is also backed by various nutritionists and fitness experts.

our combinations include proportional amount of jo (barley), jowar (sorghum), ragi (finger millet), chana (chickpea) and soya – 25% of whole wheat and rest 75% is MP Sharbati wheat, but we are not finished here as we let our customers choose according to their needs and grind their favorite choice of atta in front of them. Our customers can vary and choose between various seeds and millets to customize their own atta. We also change proportion of grains in multigrain atta according to climate like in winter and summer season, so they can have the best of both for their health.

atta chakki produces various atta and wheat

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